Thursday, October 15, 2009

15 Oct -- Second day of school update

Now they have been in class for a month. Seventeen three-year-olds (more or less -- at least one is already four)have mastered Sitting On The Rug, and Everybody Do A Puzzle, and Say Thank You. Probably they have learned more, too.

Brian, who had wailed and sobbed all through my first visit, is doing much better. He seems cheerful and busy, and helpful to teacher. Of course, he is still following his own work plan and only occasionally joins the others.

And now I know, a little bit better, why: Brian speaks only Chinese. I think one of the teachers speaks some Chinese, but nobody at Brian's house speaks English so the classroomis the only place in his life where English is spoken.

The teacher tells me she knows about the Chinese-language story hours at the Oakland Branch library which specializes in Chinese. We both hope Brian's family will make a habit of taking him to the library, starting NOW!


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