Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The egrets are building their nests

The trees are chock full of the large white birds. A few of the more enterprising egrets have staked out territory on neighboring trees, while others pluck twigs and small branches from here and there for nests. It's tempting to think that the mother bird is watching her chick, but I truly believe she is simply relieving an itch.

They are still saying "plock, plock" to each other, but the activities are generally calm, with lots of preening of feathers and occasional food flights.

The ducks, down below in the lagoon, go about their business without turning their heads to watch the larger birds. Ducks chuckle softly at each other. It's more pleasant to hear the ducks. We seem to have attracted a pair who walk each day from the lagoon to our front yard. So far they have investigated the front yard ivy but do not seem to have picked it for a nest.


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