Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Borkman's Point, by Hakan Nesser

I found this book in a Canadian bookstore and just finished it, and now I will look for more by this author.  It is more engaging than many of the other Swedish mysteries I have read, it is well plotted, and the characters are just plain NICE.  
After two grisly axe murders in the small coastal town of Kaalbringen, Inspector Van Veeteren is called away from his vacation to help the local police find the killer.  The police chief is soon to retire; the two experienced cops become friends over good wine and chess, while they and the rest of their force gather information and assess clues.  The policemen are a diverse bunch with varying degrees of ability. My favorite is Officer Bang, who is usually sent out for pastries; he always salutes and marches right off on his mission.
Nesser uses small, telling details to describe each major character, including the possibilities of romance or family issues, but the solution of the crimes is always foremost.  He has a wry sense of humor which keeps the reader entertained even as the clues pile up.
I see from the Amazon website that there are several more Neser books available.  I'm ready!


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